Summertime prints to make you feel happy
















Ah summer. The few months of the year when the weather can actually make us happy. Unless you live in Britain, then it’s a good excuse to complain about how crap the weather is. Again. But let’s face it, summer makes most of us shout with glee. But what exactly about summer actually makes us so happy?

When we think of summer, we immediately think of the weather. The sun, the blue skies heat. It turns out that when our bodies are exposed to UV rays that the sun produces, we produce the neurotransmitter serotonin that can make us feel happy. In contrast, when its winter time, and we have had little to no sun exposure, some of us can feel a bit depressed.


What about nature? I always associate summer with being outside, in the great outdoors. Turns out that this too can increase our happiness through serotonin and dopamine release. Nature has also been shown to reduce stress in our bodies and decrease the release of nasty cytokines that our body produces when were stressed. 


Another aspect of summer that always makes me feel happy is the ‘schools out’ ideology that permeates through most of summer. Even as an adult (I joke, I am still a baby) I approach every summer as a possible extended holiday and I get excited about the endless possibilities of holidays, projects and outdoor swimming I’ll be doing. 


One of the absolute pleasures of summer is the constant onslaught of little indulgences that summer provides. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I treat myself to an ice cream, or have a nap in grass or even go for an extra-long stroll around a park for no reason whatsoever.  These little care-free indulgences are what makes summer for me extra special.


Last but definitely not least, the clothing that we wear during the summer months can be fun and make us feel great. The presence of cotton, linen and silk are often associated with beaches, poolside BBQs or balmy summer eves and are full of life and colour! Just the sheer lightness of the fabrics can lift the oppressive nature of the winter months and really make you feel good. My outfit here, with shirt from ASOS and jeans from Night Addict, were great choices for summer and incredibly lightweight. Don’t forget your sunnies though- nobody should be squinting around, bad for the eyes! I opted for a pair of Steve madden sunglasses. The floral pattern of the shirt and the light colour of the jeans and the trainers by Djinns, was a perfect mix of laidback and fun, which went really well with those sunny afternoons of watching the world cup and downing pitcher after pitcher of PIMMS.