Ditch the drab colours











I am so excited for the summer. Even though I can’t go outside and the sun will cause me to melt, I am still excited. I love the change in style as people become more relaxed, happier and wear more colours. It’s always so refreshing after the long dreary winters we experience, and this year was no exception. One thing that usually stays the same are the suits. Men all over London stick out in contrast to the sea of colour with their sombre-coloured suits. So I say: ditch the drab colours and have a bit of fun!


I am always a big advocate for more colour. However, many guys are terrified of changing their basics, they think too big of a change will make them look foolish or silly. So they opt for pops of colour in say, ties and pocket squares. That’s fine as well, but it’s a bit safe no? Why not try and push the boundaries?! There are plenty of tones and colours that would look great on any guy and even be work appropriate. Maroon and green jackets have started to make a comeback. But If you’re really daring, go whole-hog and wear a whole green or maroon suit! Instead of just talking about these things, I opted to try it out for myself.


I found this amazing three-piece suit from ASOS in green. No, it wasn’t green, it was in PEACOCK GREEN! Paring the colours down with a black cotton shirt from Kooples and black shoes from Diesel, it gave this look a less formal feel. With these colours, you don’t need to stick to traditional at all. Make it fun and enjoy. These colours don’t need light shirts or shoes to make them pop, they do that all on their own!


When I wanted to shoot this look, I wanted somewhere that was equally colourful. In west London, there is a new outdoor exhibition titled ‘Here After’ by Craig & Karl. These designers are known for their geometric work and use of bold colours, which I thought would accentuate this suit perfectly. The colours were lifted off of TV test cards, a nod to the BBC TV studios that are just around the corner. As the colours of this petrol station were not the most traditional, they stood out and made a large impact amongst the grey buildings. It was an oasis of colour. See the comparison. People were coming from all over to take pictures. The colours were so vibrant that they even made my green suit look tame by comparison.


So I say to you, why not try and inject a little more colour into your life? If you don’t fancy the whole suit kind of approach, why not opt for a pair of trousers with a more traditional coloured jacket or vice versa? Winter is over and summer is here, and we all know it won’t last too long, so let’s make the most of it!