No longer just for the 90s





Like teenage mutant ninja turtles, tape players and blockbuster video - vintage abstract pattern shirts were a thing of the 90s. But like many things from that bygone era, they are making a comeback, with a vengeance.

Personally, I say keep it coming! I love crazy patterned shirts as they are the prefect way to jazz up your wardrobe. Those 90s looks are definitely winners in my books. Wanna pair them with jeans, go for it! Wanna wear them with suit trousers- cool. They’re incredibly versatile and a great way to express your creativity.


So, you’re up for the shirt but confused about which pattern to don? I’d say always think of the overriding colour that you can see. What works best with what you’re wearing? What colour do you love. These shirts are usually a hodgepodge of colours- but often have one dominant colour. Use that as a pairing colour. If not- then go wild. Just try and pair your shoes/trousers with at least ONE colour that’s present. When in doubt, you can always throw on a pair of jeans, a cool plimsole and you’re ready to go.


Why not go and hunt for your favourite shirt out in the plethora of vintage shops. You will usually find something totally unique and well made. If you’re not a ‘vintage shop’ kindof person, try online at places like Boohoo and ASOS for cheaper options or houses like Dior and Vivienne Westwood, but these will cost upwards of £600! Now go and explore.

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