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Tapestries are an ancient artform- existing for hundreds of years. The word, tapestry, comes from the old French word tapisserie, which derives from latin – to cover with heavy fabric or to carpet. But taspestries are WAY much more than just big carpets we hang on our walls.

Some of the most famous tapestries depicted scenes of hunts, or told stories of arrivals. The ‘hunt of the unicorn’ which now hangs in the cloisters museum in New York, is one such example from the early 1500s. They have been integral to medieval and not so medieval art, usually intertwining skills of artistry, sewing and designs that can be a magical experience to look at. In the more recent history of tapestries, they were made or woven on particular looms, machines that thread multiple lines at once. Jacquard looms are modern machines that allowed much bigger tapestries to be made, and much faster. Once taspestries came into production, we were able to bang out designs much faster.


It wasn’t until the 1950s and 60s that people had the ingenious idea to actually WEAR these pieces of art. Designers like Kate Spade and Coach have been the most recent torch bearers of wearable tapestries. The intricate designs are standout pieces that often come at much higher costs than your average run of the mill woven pieces. But you pay for perfection, no?


BooHoo, the online retailer which makes affordable fashion, actually started producing some cool bomber jackets recently. One in particular that caught my eye was, you guessed it, a TAPESTRY BOMBER JACKET! How cool is that? To have wearable art, and it look so effortless and cool. Sign me up! It didn’t take me long to take the jacket out for a spin around London. It really stood out amongst the greys and beiges that we typically see in Autumn. It was a real show-stopper. I really wanted the jacket to sing- so I wore a simple pair of jeans and plimsoles and black vest. Let that baby shine! Now if only they took requests of what to put IN the tapestry….

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