Crushed velvet for everyday clothes





We all know that in winter we are more concerned with staying warm, than staying stylish. Interesting fabrics like velour can actually help you achieve both! Velour is a knit fabric made from cotton or even from synthetic fibres; it drapes well and can be worn best on casual outfits. I never really thought of it as a fabric that could make an outfit stylish and especially in the winter!  To me, velour is a fabric that conjures up images of yummy-mummies (the mothers, not the ancient Egyptian monsters) and juicy couture track suits. But there are so many ways to get velour to work for you!


First and foremost, colour! Velour can come in all sorts of colours, and it’s about finding the right kind of combination that works. Personally, I am really feeling the darker maroons, forest greens and midnight blues. These colours are in for winter, especially if you’re heading somewhere cool, like out for drinks or a concert. Velour smoking jackets are an easy way to get yourself started with velour. You can pair them with jeans, trousers…anything really.


I wanted to see if there were any other velour items that would pique my interest. I found a velour polo from Boo Hoo and decided to give it a whirl. I really liked the fit. The fabric immediately lifted the polo from being a normal run of the mill shirt- to something a bit special. And it worked great with a lighter pair of trousers, that also came from Boo Hoo. All together the outfit really felt like sportswear chic. And I couldn’t stop stroking my collar!

What about you? Do you guys have any favourite velour pieces that you bust out from time to time? Let me know!

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