How to look good and stay warm






Winter can be tough. The blistering cold, the snow and dry winds can wreak havoc. To battle the elements, people often wrap themselves in so many layers they look like the marshmallow man. And when it’s -20 and the snow is falling like nobody’s business, I get it. But what about those chilly, sunny afternoons where it’s only -5 (ha-ha). Staying warm and chic isn’t that hard if you have a quality winter coat. Fabrics like wool are warm, but also breathable.


Cashmere, even though it can be quite expensive, is softer sheep’s wool, and again is breathable but will keep you warm! Choose a longer coat, that can go below your waist, to add warmth throughout your body. Avoid the bombers, or short jackets- the wind will find a way to sneak in! Don’t forget about the layers underneath! Turtlenecks, thick jumpers, woolen and knits will do the trick! Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and crew-cut jumpers are always a classic choice, and make any outfit look clean.


People often wear thin fabrics like denim in winter, as they say your legs don’t get cold, but your legs do lose heat! Not as quickly as your head or torso but stay aware! Wool trousers (not the scratchy kind!) are the perfect solution. I opted for light grey wool trousers from ASOS, and blue trainers to dress the look down. But you can easily lift this look up with a pair of nice leather Chelsea boots. What do you wear to stay chic in winter? I would love to hear from you!

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