The sharpest hue for autumn





When dressing for seasons, we often come with predetermined ideas of what ‘goes’. Summer usually comes with shorts and bright colours, and Winter with thicker fabrics and more sombre colours. But what about the transition time between these months? What do you wear for Autumn? My go-to is for something earthy, with lots of layers. For me, I think of a professor with elbow patches in an autumnal university setting. OK OK, pretentious much?


Most people often turn to these ‘traditional’ colours in autumn and things can start to get a bit…bland? Whilst for women this autumns trend is animal prints, men don’t have a trend that is just as creative or ‘out there’. Even though one of the trends this year in men’s fashion is active wear making it front and centre. Nineties sportswear and hiking gear are making a comeback. But if you ask me, I would rather be wearing a sharp checked suit than a windbreaker.


When it comes to suits, you can’t go wrong. Trends come and go even in with suits, and sometimes they can be as subtle as a pocket square or as ostentatious as pleather decals on the back. One trend for AW18 that definitely seems to emerge across the big fashion houses is checks and in a multitude of colours. So, I decided to try it out for myself. A wool checked suit, blue. Something classic - Autumn and checks - Scottish highland anyone?


I wanted to try a modern check pattern. I chose a jaspé check in a skinny suit cut. It looked really crisp. I didn’t want to make it to formal though. I paired my suit with a block knit jumper (blue obvs) and relaxed plimsole trainers. The whole look was blue head to toe. But it seemed to work. What about you? Have you noticed any autumn trends for AW18 that you love? Anything you don’t? Get in touch and let me know!

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