Where formal meets relaxed











When I was younger, my parents used to play the best music in the house. Whatever the mood you wanted, they had the music to play. You wanted a dinner party soundtrack, you got it. Something for a rainy afternoon – you felt like you were in a film. One song that always stuck with me, was Otis Redding’s - The dock of the bay.  There was something so ethereal about that song that always relaxed me.  And to this day, headphones plugged in, phone blaring – I can find myself playing it on repeat to centre myself after a long day. What’s great, is that you can go one step further, and listen to music sitting on the banks of the Thames (OK, the banks are not the same as a dock… but I tried).


You get such amazing views Thameside. Amazing architecture, gorgeous parks and thousands of people. What better way to people watch than with a soundtrack blaring along? Oh, that’s right, with a great look to accompany you.


I am all for thick cozy jumpers at the moment. It’s starting to get cold, but in the sun that trusty leaves you a sweaty mess. That’s where short sleeve jumpers are the perfect thing. You stay warm, but you don’t over heat and they look damn good. The short sleeve jumper from Boohoo came in a two-tone acid wash colour, which I really enjoyed. Matched with pale blue trousers, in a nice small checked pattern, I tried to elevate the look. Simple knitted cup sole trainers were the perfect fit. They weren’t too precious, so I could go for a walk along the beach if I wanted to, and not worry about ruining my shoes.  I have been noticing a lot of trends at the moment. One that stands out to me is the pairing of relaxed leisure wear with more formal basics, like a cotton jumper with suit trousers ☺ . It’s almost like the Thames itself, a mix of formal buildings and more relaxed greenery. It’s a winning combo.


The best thing about the mixing of relaxed and formal attire is that it’s so simple and works in almost any situation. Day in the park? Done. Afternoon at the museum? You look great. The key is matching colours and textures. Don’t start wearing an evening gown with a pull over. Start with clean crisp, simple tops and pair them with smarter trousers. I’ve seen this look a thousand times at all sorts of fashion events and jobs! Don’t just take my word for it, give it a go yourself.