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Like most people, I am constantly on the move. Be it running to castings, jumping from work to evenings or moving on the dance floor, I feel like I never stand still. The issue that I always have is: you want to be able to do what you want to do, and still look good. I struggle to find the perfect outfit that allows me to look sharp, fun and not sloppy. But still allows me to be an idiot throughout the day. Something cool that isn’t too precious. In this case, a pair of truck suit bottoms and sweatshirt isn’t going to cut it.


There is the old adage that you have to suffer to look good. You can’t be comfortable AND fashionable. What is fashionable can also be your worst nightmare. The new hip clothing will look sloppy if there’s a stain. Your crisp white shirt won’t look so crisp the next morning. So what are you to do? I guess you just have to accept it.

Well, nuts to that.


Armed with my white trainers - I wanted to find something that looked cool but allowed me to move. And most of all- live in. Certain fabrics don’t move well and can crease easily. However, non-iron trousers, like the ones from Banana Republic that I am wearing, not only fit like a dream- but they didn’t look like I was jumping around all day. I avoid linen and cotton in these cases. Cotton blends usually work like a charm. Just an alternative to jeans.


Paired with a funky Tee (leopard print. Or is that giraffe.. 😆) I felt great. Often darker printed t-shirts can hide a multitude of sins. They don’t show sweat, stains or creases easily. So they might have been on you for the past 3 days, but they won’t show it. Also, people will be too distracted by the patterns to notice anything out of the ordinary. 


The best thing about this outfit is that it’s a stand out outfit that isn’t too precious. A spilled beer or little dirt won’t ruin the effect. In fact, it will probably add to it.


What’s your favourite go-to outfit for your day to day craziness? Any tips that you’ve learned along the way? I’d love to hear from you.

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