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I love living in West London. The beauty of the white terraced houses, the endless parks and cultural attractions makes this area of London hard to beat. I know, I know, the rest of London is pretty good too... There is one issue that I have with the west, it’s always so busy! West London is one of the most densely populated areas in the city. I am sure walking behind people on the sidewalks are terrible, as they stop to photograph everything. But who am I to judge? I do the same thing. Walking the endless winding streets, I am often caught just staring at the jaw-dropping architecture and amazing fashion that is always on display. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to compete with. But after a while of living in west London, the charms can become lost on anyone. The same streets you pass, offer nothing new and exciting. And what was once a cornucopia for the eyes, is now normal!


However, the one aspect of west London that will never lose its charm are mews. Mews are houses that were once a row of stables and carriage houses that were often used by the wealthy residences that you can see adjoining them. As this, mews will most often be found behind a row of gorgeous terraced houses and almost seem like a private, quiet space.

These term mews originally derive from the French word for moult ‘muer’, as the original function of the royal side stables (apart from holding horses) were to confine hawks while they moulted.  Later these royal stables were designated to hold something different to hawks and horses – carriages and finally automobiles. The term for the royal stables, mews, soon became a fashionable term, and everyone described their small cloistered streets for stables as ‘mews’.


Found in abundance in west London, I often find myself drawn to the diversity in their appearance. Often with plenty of light, flowers and Victorian architecture they can be striking. The presence of snap-dragons and buddleias, the walls can be awash with all manners of pinks and purples.  Imitating some of the colours I see in these mews, I donned a maroon shirt from Copenhagen and gorgeous pink shorts from Sports d’epoque. The shoes, from Frank Wright 1885, were just what the outfit needed to be a bit different.


I instantly felt at home amongst the mews. I felt as though I became a feature of the gorgeous street and didn’t want to leave. New goals: live in a mews house. Well…. Maybe not. I might never want to leave!

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