Injecting a splash of colour into the urban environment





Living and working in large cities, I often hear people complain of the lack of greenery in their lives. London is pretty special, as it has SO MANY GORGEOUS PARKS, but still, working day to day in an office can often make you feel completely disconnected from nature.


Prints with flora (plants) and fauna (animals) are a fun and creative way to bring a little splash of life to your city wardrobe. I am sure the reason we like these prints is because we probably feel closer to nature and less disconnected from the world around us. Or they’re just aesthetically appealing. Who knows. In fact, researchers have shown that our brains release neurotransmitters like dopamine when we see flowers and baby animals. This little fact is a remnant from evolution when seeing flowers meant the end of winter and the start of food!


Night Addict is a company that sells through ASOS and they have loads of amazing printed shirts. This one, a floral print with a rever collar and short sleeves was perfect. I paired it with trousers from Rudie London and blue brogues from London Brogues, I decided to take a wild print and tame it down a little. You would be surprised how a few dark colours can soften something that is rather ‘punchy’ like flowers.


Maybe not your average workforce fare, but when you’re in and about the city, relaxing, what better way to bring a splash of colour? This is a look that will definitely stand out. And if the rat race is getting you down, now you know that these prints will do more than help you stand out!

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