The perfect outfit for an urban excursion












Living in the hustle and bustle of London can be a thrilling experience. You wake up not knowing exactly how your day is going to end. Will I see some friends, or head to a world class attraction or sit on my sofa and watch Netflix? All viable options in my opinion ☺. But sometimes that craziness that makes London so special can also make it feel like a jungle. An urban jungle if you will. 8 million people all experiences their lives in a city that has been around for two thousand years! Well, sometimes the best thing to do in the jungle is just watch what’s going on around you. Watch the stories unfold and the city present itself to you. All of this kind of seems like an urban safari.


What better clothing than Khaki is fit for a safari? Khaki, a staple of armies around the globe, originally comes from the Urdu word for ‘soil-coloured’. Khaki can be found in an array of colours and cuts. The fabric is often quite durable and ready to suit multiple needs. In fact, safari expeditions often state that Khaki is the optimal choice of clothing to head out in the bush. I think it also fits in our urban safari in London. But let’s ditch the drab colours and heavy khakis. It’s summer! Let’s choose something cooler and lighter. 


For a successful safari, you are told to blend into the environment. In London, your first idea might be concrete grey. No thanks. However, when I first think of London I think of green! London has an amazing amount of green spaces that will provide ample opportunity to make you feel right at home. From the royal parks in the west to the amazing sprawling greeneries in the south and north, there is a park for everyone. 


So green and Khaki will make the best outfit then? An outfit from Another Influence caught my eye. It was a khaki combo with the coolest print in a shorts and revere collar short-sleeve shirt. I was keen to throw on my uniform and hit the streets to observe the world around me. Not so sure I did a great job blending into the background though. Well, who wants to blend in anyway?