Polka-dot trousers!











Spring is in the air! And by spring, I mean ice and - 2-degree winds. Who would have thought that one day before the vernal equinox (or first day of spring) we would have snow on the ground! However, I am pleased to inform you, albeit hesitantly, that spring will be coming. And for me, nothing is better in springtime than a walk along the Thames. The dynamic ancient river that cuts London in half has had a rather interesting history and is long seen as the lifeblood that made London the city it is today.


In Middle English, the Thames may have originally meant ‘dark’ as the colour of the water is anything but clear. The river has been central to many of London’s rich history, and today is used for transportation and sport. However, in the spring, the Thames has a magical quality that is hard to describe. Couples are strolling along the banks, trees are in bloom and children play along the shores. The river that ran quietly in winter (well nothing is ever quiet in London), is now teeming with life. The Thames also offers unparalleled views of the city, and depending on where you are, can offer up the city’s modern architecture (like the shard) or rich history (like the tower of London, or the Houses of Parliament). 


The houses of Parliament have always captivated visitors and Londoners alike. The building, with the famous clock-tower (which contains the bell Big-Ben) which is actually called the Elizabeth tower and is easily the most recognisable landmark in London. It is so captivating, painters like Monet would return to the city year after year to try and capture the beauty of the Thames and the houses of Parliament. Interestingly enough, an exhibition on impressionism at the Tate Britain houses some of these unique paintings that Monet made at the turn of the century. Monet wanted to paint the Thames and the Houses of Parliament throughout the year, as each season had its own unique quality. For me, however, a change in seasons comes with a change in wardrobes. 


And what is better than adding some cool and interesting prints to your style? I have always been a fan of polka-dots. Long seen as something childish, polka-dots can actually be that new pattern that can elevate your look. If you have polka-dots (I like small ones) arranged in interesting patterns, polka-dots can transform themselves from the  clothing that most people associate with clowns, into something modern, current and dare I say, fashion forward. Not convinced? Take the trousers from ASOS, the super skinny smart trouser with polka-dot print that I fell in love with. They don’t seem like your traditional run of the mill trousers. The shimmering wave pattern gives it an eerie, futuristic quality that I love. The pattern was almost indistinguishable as polka-dots from far away, but close up, you could see the intricacies.


I chose to pair the trousers with a simple jumper and Vans to give it a more relaxed feel which was perfect for wandering around London on a nice spring day. My idea is always to pair something unique with something quite simple. No need to overdo it. You have all of spring to experiment.