An overcoat for every season














Let’s face it, some articles of clothing are really not fit to wear all year round. Those neon jorts just don’t quite fit mid-winter weather. On the other hand, there are some pieces that are perfect for every season. Like camel coats. A timeless classic that can easily fit into any wardrobe, for both men and women. Personally, I have always loved a good long light camel coat. It conjures up images of effortless cool and body-fitting shapes. And no matter what your style is, it’ll fit right in. And unlike brown garments, camel is more versatile and will compliment more skin tones and fabric colours.  From hipsters with top-knots to businessmen and monochromatic minimalists, everyone looks good in a camel coat.


When it comes to camel coats, I am always a fan of length. Give me more I say! However, I have seen some great Peacoats and biker jackets around and am rather tempted to ditch the knee length for something a bit ‘cooler’. What style you choose is up to you. Find your unique style and cut that really accentuates your shape and your favourite features. For example, if you’re not too tall, you can always opt for a shorter cut, like a Peacoat, which won’t throw off your proportions like an overcoat would and it will still look really sharp.  But I digress. I’m here to extoll the greatness of a traditional, knee-length camel overcoat that can instantly make any look smarter and more chic. 


Picking the coat that’s right for you can be a bit laborious, but stick it out and you can have a real gem in your hand. You can head to shops like Zara or the GAP and find a coat for about £100 (about 138 USD). Alternatively, you can head to shops like Ralph Lauren invest in a gorgeous coat for roughly £2,000 (about 2,700 USD). Whatever your budget, there is a coat out there. 


Wool overcoats are often cheaper and can be quite durable, but can be heavier and are more suited to Autumn/winter. I found this wool overcoat from ASOS for just £80 and it looks expensive af. It wasn’t too heavy, so it would be wearable until late spring. I wore a simple white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans from Zara and beige suede boots from Kurt Geiger. It’s an easy look to pull together last minute but still looks crisp and clean. What’s even better is the fact that these overcoats can transition from daywear to evening wear very easily. Throw on a collared shirt and you got yourself a winner. 


In the end, don’t neglect your accessories. Some classic loafers and a cool bag can make or break any look. With lighter colours, you can be a bit more adventurous and can go for some darker prints that will really pop. Why not try some midnight blues, forest greens and ruby reds. But as always the best accessory will be your brilliant new coat, so wear it well.