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It’s that time of year again; winter is finally on the way out and spring is around the corner. The days are getting longer, flowers are starting to sprout and the weather is all over the place. In these transition periods, it can be a nightmare trying to decide what to wear. You walk out of the house in the morning, it’s raining, five degrees and not very nice. Come mid-day, it's sunny and 15, and what you wore this morning is making you sweat like you’re in a sauna. Sometimes, no matter what you choose will be inappropriate at some point during the day.


So, what’s the best way to overcome these mood-swing like weather changes? One word: LAYERS! With spring, we can start to ditch the traditional dark colours of winter and embrace the lighter tones. We’re celebrating longer daylight and the re-emergence of greenery and new life. However, with any layering, it is essential you have contrasting colours, fabrics and prints. I would tend to choose a single, block colour for a top, as it can be slimming and less distracting. However, with regards to the trousers – go wild! Why not try that print that you’ve been eying up?


Spring isn’t only about the rebirth of flowers and plant life- it can be your fashion rebirth as well. To dress for a typical spring day, I decided to go for a grey, merino-wool jumper from Club Monaco with contrasting ‘putty’ trousers in windowpane check from ASOS. Wool jumpers will always be a good choice if it’s a bit chilly out as they’re warm and comfortable. The trousers were my favourite thing about the entire outfit. The cool but classic print really lifted the outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.


Now comes the layering! I love a thin coat, which can really make a difference, both style wise and temperature wise. They’re not too bulky or overbearing. My grey wool coat from Giorgio Armani was great, as the weather changed suddenly, and I got fling around my shoulders all cool-like when I wasn’t wearing it! As for a spring colour theme, I decided to keep the outfit pretty uniform and opted for beige boots from Diesel to really bring the whole look together. Sometimes, matching your look can be pretty powerful visually when you’re dealing with light colours.  The crispness of the outfit was really refreshing for me since I have been wearing heavy, dark fabrics for the past few months. I was in desperate need for spring.


To show off my new look, I headed to the V&A Museum’s new extension, to see how the museum was handling its own ‘rebirth’. Definitely worth a visit, if only to look at the gorgeous mix of new and classic architecture. Pop inside and check out the stunning collection and beautiful café.



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