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When you think of special or beautiful places in London, most people will think of the palaces, Big Ben, the historical architecture or the gorgeous parks. These places are of course, beautiful, but London has so much more to offer. After the blitz during the Second World War, much of London was destroyed and post-war Britain was too broke to restore the city to its former glory. So, in the 50s, 60s and 70s these sites of destruction were transformed into modern living spaces. Created using new concepts, these modern buildings were drastically different to the romantic, often white, classic behemoths that London was used to. They reused old materials that had never been considered before. 


Today, these spaces are often derided and thought of as ugly pocks on the surface of a great city. Concrete is seen as the curse of the era that plagued London’s skyline. But I disagree! These places can be as amazing as their ‘beautiful counterparts’ and can offer something so sorely needed in a big city: Variety. Taking tired, destroyed regions and creating something modern. A ‘hardness’ in contrast to the romantic ‘softness’ of traditional London buildings. The severe angles and dark colours have their own beauty and can offer loads of inspiration. These areas are reclaimed from damage and destruction and transformed into something unique. 


Reclaiming fabrics and clothes can work in exactly the same way. This is especially true for reclaimed vintage. These old fabrics that are often thought of as useless, tired and old, can be transformed into something new, edgy and interesting. When I heard about Reclaimed Vintage London, a retailer on ASOS, I was immediately interested in their ethos, but even more so in their really cool clothes. The designers take old, vintage fabrics and bring it back to life, in something more modern, but keeping the vintage feel. 


The coat that I couldn’t do without was a check Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Coach Jacket. The colours and the fabric seemed to fit in everywhere across the city. From gritty East London to my home amongst the white terraced houses in the west. It was a real find! I paired this jacket with cropped chino joggers with knee rips (obvs gotta keep it current with the knee rips). The outfit seemed to come together quite nicely, keeping the 60s feel but bringing it into the 21st century. 


To follow the theme of reclaiming: We shot this look in a concrete council estate adjacent to St. Pauls Cathedral, that was heavily bombed during the blitz. This site, however, had just as many beautiful architectural secrets to offer as its more famous neighbour, including a statue by the famous artist, Richard Kindersley titled 'Seven Ages of Man'. All that and all you had to do was take the time to look.


I would love to hear about how you have managed to salvage any old or ‘unloved’ fabrics or clothes and how you brought them into the 21st century!



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