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What makes a man a ‘gentleman’? Many believe that gentlemen are dying out in our modern, self-absorbed, generation. But I disagree. The idea of what constitutes a gentleman was never set in stone. Some believe that your words make you worthy of the title. While others say it’s your actions and manners (Kingsman anyone?!). However, the most touted saying is usually that one’s ‘clothes makes the man’. This saying can be traced back as far as Shakespeare to the play Hamlet, where Polonius is giving fatherly advice to his son. He wisely states that ‘For the apparel oft proclaims the man’. 


What we wear can be an expression of our status, our clan or even where we live. Most of the time, what we wear can be an expression of innermost selves, our thoughts and feelings. When we’re sad or distracted, we opt for darker colours and pay less attention to our outside appearance. When were excited and happy, we choose brighter fabrics and take time to make ourselves reflect that. What about a concept? How do we reflect being a ‘gentleman’ in our clothing? Is it all top hats and Tails? Velour suits and cufflinks?


To me, being a gentleman is about treating others as you would like to be treated and taking pride in your appearance. That can mean a lot of different things, but ultimately it boils down to respect. Respect for yourself and everyone else, no matter who they are and in the end, being true to yourself. If you don’t wear suits, don’t wear suits! If you fancy donning trakkies, do it with style!


The question is then, what does dressing like a gentleman and be true to oneself mean? For me, it all boiled down to colour, cuts and fabric. I love wearing bright colours, quirky pieces alongside traditional choices. I hate wearing things are too heavy, so I needed something that was airy and light, so I opted for incredibly made trousers by Paul Smith and a classic pattern wool coat and a BRIGHT orange jumper by Alexander McQueen. This outfit made me feel like I was being my best self, like me on a good day. And I was happy to show off my new look. 


But as I noted, a gentleman comes in many forms. What does being a gentleman mean to you? Are you a suit and tie type? Or do you find other, more interesting ways to express your ‘gentleman-ness’? Get in touch, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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