January blues and blacks and shiny fabrics






Now that we’re well into 2018, it seems that EVERYONE is trying to stay in, eat vegetables and drink smoothies. January is a tough month. It’s cold. No one has any money and to make matters worse you’re probably keeping yourself away from people, focusing on ‘being good’. But how about you try to have a little bit of fun this January? I mean, not too much, but just enough to let you drink that kale smoothie without crying. I’m just thinking of balance this time of the year? Treat yourself by heading to the gym and then MAYBE (just maybe) head to see some friends, have a laugh, eat some chocolate. I mean one drink isn’t going to hurt. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t have any willpower and just love any excuse to eat rubbish and go out!


When you’re heading out don’t follow the boring January trend of dressing down. Everyone thinks that December was the time for dressing up and wearing something flashy. They think you can only get away with something glittery at Christmas parties. But I disagree. The dreariness of winter needs to be offset by something. And it’s not going to be the weather. Which is why I like to wear something different, a bit luxurious. An outfit that’s a nice contrast to how Spartan everyone is in the new year.


Heading out to a party a few days ago, I threw on a shiny crushed velour t-shirt, which I paired with a black faux fur double breasted pea coat. You can find both of these items on Boohoo.com, which are wonderfully affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to look expensive. These two items together drew an amazing amount of attention. Everyone wanted to touch the shirt and the coat. I could see people making a b-line directly towards to me across the room to give me a little stroke. This coat was a great conversation starter, which is an understatement. The t-shirt by itself is just as brilliant. It manages to catch the light and gives off a slight sheen in any situation. I had to tone it down a bit (remember, balance!) so I matched the coat and t-shirt with plain black jeans from Ralph Lauren and black Chelsea boots. Together, the outfit was a hit. You definitely won’t be a shrinking wallflower in this outfit.


One last thing: remember to take care of yourself this January. More than hitting the gym, and eating healthier, I mean taking care of your mental health. Finding little ways to make yourself feel good is essential. Take some time to read something nice, watch some cat videos and talk to a friend. Maybe put down the phone, turn off the news and do something you love. As for me, I’ll be seeing friends, reading a novel by Zadie Smith and having a cream egg every now and then. Oh yes, and going to the gym. I wish you all a speedy January.

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