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Calling all lovers of oversized scarves. I think that’s everyone, no? Winter is a great time to explore with size and volume. In summer, we are all trying to show off skin and reveal as much as possible. In winter, that is simply not possible, unless you want to freeze your butts off. So why not go to another extreme, cover up, but make it count. Like the late great designer Zaha Hadid, different shapes and sizes often can make something that can be boring and pedestrian an exciting way to express yourself. As some people like to call it- a cherry on the icing.


I often have to wear some ‘conservative’ clothing when I head to meetings or give talks. Looking bland is something I am always aware of, and try to avoid at all costs. When you don’t have to wear a suit to the office, people often stick with the basics: Jumper, trouser, and shirt. Black, brown and blue are the colours of the corporate world. I am ok with that. But what I am not OK with, is people losing their individual identities due to this fact. You don’t have to fit in 100%.


That being said, I do love wearing all black. It’s chic, slimming and can make anyone look great. My staple (non-suit) go-to office outfit is a pair of black trousers from Reiss with a black silk jumper from Ermenegildo Zegna, I always feel so Parisian when I wear it. However, the entire outfit is brought together with this immense scarf from H&M. This outfit manages to be flexible, appropriate for the office, and for a cool hipster café. All you need is ironic eye-wear or a man bun :P


Do you have any items of clothing that you think makes any normal outfit stand out? What are they? Get in touch, I want to hear from you!

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