Embroidered bomber jackets on a night out



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It’s funny that we spend so much of our time in winter in darkness. For some, this is the worst part of the season. Less light can sometimes make people feel depressed and sad. For others, it’s a welcome change from summer. An excuse to stay in and be cozy. For the few that love the dark, winter can be night owl’s playground filled with moonlit walks, with fairy light and street lamps as your guides.


The night, to me, often shows London’s more magical side. Where once was a staid shopfront, is now a club full of young artists dancing the night away. Moonlight changes the facades of normal office buildings to reveal something almost otherworldly. Even more, the night changes people, it can free us.


On a recent trip to Berlin the night made me fall in love with the city. I just couldn’t get over how much better Berlin was at night! It became crazier and more vibrant than the day. Which is something that inspired me. 


In case you haven’t realized I love things that are a bit different. The wackier the better I say. When it comes to fashion, I try to bring different prints, textures and colours into my wardrobe. They often stand out and make what your wearing pop. But that’s usually during the day. At night however, they stand out even more. Colours can be more celebratory and textures can be more alluring. Why become a wallflower?


The velour embroidered bomber jacket by Boohoo.com does just that. With 3D flower prints, it combines all aspects that I love: Print, texture and colour into one amazing jacket. In the night, this jacket takes on a life of its own. It becomes a bit sexier, a bit more interesting and a whole lot cooler. Don’t get me wrong. Its great during the day, as people cannot resist to look at something so striking. However, at night time is when this jacket really shines. 

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