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When I think of New Years day  I think about food, terrible films, and hangovers. After long days of eating, gift giving and lounging, and the inevitable New years eve party, I find myself in need of leaving my house and getting some much-needed culture.  As everyone is home, cuddling up with family and regretting their choices, some of my favourite places in London are empty and are open to those who wish to explore it. 


One place in particular to explore sans crowds is the Tate modern. This residence of modern art was formerly the bankside power station that was redesigned by Herzog & de Meuron. This building is a spectacular ode to modern art from across the globe. The severe lines and barren walls often accentuate the art that adorns its walls. Originally opened to the public in 2000, the Tate modern has recently opened a new extension, called the tanks, in June of 2016. These spaces house new innovative installations as well as live performances. It’s an art-lovers’ paradise. 


So how do you mix 2018 and modern art? With fashion, of course. Sometimes the classic looks just won’t do. Now I could do something traditional with tweeds, and velvet smoking jackets, which are always a good choice, but I decided to do something a bit different this year. However, in January you can always wear thick fabrics like corduroy, velvet and flannel. Mix these fabrics with traditional holiday colours like deep reds, greens, golds and silvers and you got a winner! Make it oversized and comfortable and you’re on trend. 


ASOS does the most amazing vintage inspired oversized cord outfit. This look was quite modern, but screamed relaxing and watching Netflix! Even better was the fact that it could hide the red wine stains that I would most certainly get! Hair of the dog anyone? This outfit was a fun take on the holiday fashion and one that I will bust out throughout the new year. This look is much better than embarrassing onesies and slankets, but only just ;)


What are some of your favourite looks for the holiday season? Are you more of a comfy clothing type of person? Or do you love keeping it classic and pristine for the holidays? I would love to hear from you.

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