Mixing traditional items with untraditional colours

Oh winter. Sometimes the greyness, the cold and rain can all be too much. Weirdly people start mimicking the drab surroundings - and we lose all sense of fun. Unless it’s in the form of Christmas jumpers, people often shy away from colour, and stick to greys and blacks. I however, love the idea of bringing colour to an otherwise dreary winter day. So what’s the brightest colour that I can wear without looking like a cartoon character? I opted for yellow! Who doesn’t love a good bit of sunshine - when the sun sets before you even leave the office. 


At this time of year, I love wearing pea coats as well.  Pea coats wee traditionally worn by sailors, and later people in the American navy. A broad lapel and a strong double breast easily smarten up any look. When you pair it with an unusual colour, like yellow, it really stands out, but not in a garish way. But don’t let a coat stop you. This winter should pop with colour in all manner of ways- there’s no reason to live without colour, especially if where you live is grey and rainy - thanks London.