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My hair has a natural curl that can be a pain to control. When I started modelling, my hair was dried and changed several times a week, which made it worse. A few years ago, I was introduced to hair oils, and they changed my life; no more wearing a cap post-shower to keep the volume under control. However, I have yet to find an oil that strikes the right balance between nourishment and greasiness.


When I first read the instructions on Kiehl’s Magic Elixir (£29 for 125ml) I was dubious: you’re supposed to leave it in for 10 minutes before rinsing out. After day four, I really noticed a reduction in frizz and my hair was softer. Even after days of not shampooing, I still use the elixir, and my hair and scalp feels cleaner.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-licious Tame & Shine Styling Oil (£4.19 for 50ml) was pretty heavy and gave my hair a glossy sheen. It did calm the frizz, but whenever I touched my hair I could feel it on my fingers. It was good value, however, and its size makes it great for travelling.


Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£28.99 for 125ml,) went through my hair evenly and made it feel light. I could style the curls, and my hands didn’t get that weird oily feeling.

The Ordinary Marula Oil (£8.10 for 30ml) is incredibly light, and absorbed into my skin and hair immediately. My hair looked shinier, but it didn’t tame my wild frizz. I thought it would be a vitamin smörgåsbord for my hair: it didn’t quite deliver.

this article was first published on www.theguardian.com (24|11|2017)


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