The perfect coat for hot dates on cold dates






Sometimes a special coat is something you don’t want to waste wearing. It’s not something you’ll pop on running to the supermarket. Pieces like that can have a transformative quality, making everything we wear with them seem special and luxurious. Finding these gems can sometimes be like a needle in a hay stack, but when you find it – you know.


Well, this overcoat in black baroque found me. It’s by Reclaimed Vintage (Asos). I wasn’t sure initially, if I would look like wallpaper found in some granny’s front room, but thought I might as well give it a try.  I liked that the coat is the perfect length, and had just the right amount of weight to make me feel warm in the late autumn breeze without being too thick.


To show off the shape and print, I decided to pair the coat with a slim fit black T-shirt (Banana Republic) and black fitted jeans (Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren). I say, never be afraid of prints. The key to wearing the boldest prints for me is to wear something almost non-descript with it to make it really punch.


But what about shoes. I like matching colours, not always directly, but through undertones. The brogues, by London Brogues, went well with the romantic feel of the coat. They’re handcrafted and super comfy. The maroon colour lifted the underlying black of the coat, without detracting too much from the pattern.


My stroll through the Italian water gardens in Hyde Park made me feel like I was walking the grounds of an Italian palace. The gardens were created in the 1860s and are believed to be a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. Prince Albert turns out was a keen gardener, and took the idea of geometric Italian gardens from Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.


The garden contains statues of ornamental urns and Edward Jenner (no, not THOSE Jenners), a physician and creator of the world’s first vaccine, the small pox vaccine. The tranquillity of the space was much needed after a day in Central London. I recommend visiting the space with a good book, a coffee and a snack to reap the benefits of the views and excellent people watching.


I loved how my coat fit seamlessly into the baroque architecture I was surrounded by. All I needed was an espresso. Leaving the gardens, I took the sense of drama and boldness with me. It was a great piece. One that happily sits beside my other coats and gets brought out on special occasions. Or when I fancy pretending like I’m a Duke of some Italian principality. 

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