Autumn Fashion: Beige doesn't have to be bland







I love the time of year when the colour of the leaves change, and autumn is in full swing. First and foremost, I am happy that I no longer need to SMOTHER myself in sun-cream, and secondly, I can wear all the amazing fall fashions. It’s that magical time of year just after when you’ve just started to wear long trousers but not yet at the point where you look like a marshmallow, wrapped in large coats and hats. But most importantly, this is the season of LAYERS.


TBH, if I was allowed, I would wrap myself in mountains of duvets, straight from my bed, and strut around outside. Unfortunately, for now, I can’t do that. So, I’ll have to settle with layers of cool clothes. I wanted to get layers down to an art, make it my own and stand out. Nobody wants to look bland. Especially when you’re competing with the amazing colours in nature. I tried to strike that balance of something cool, autumnal and cozy. And to top it all off, make it look effortless. A piece of cake, no?


A sure-fire way to keep things interesting is to mix different colours and textures. I try to mix prints with block colours, or textured and non-textured fabrics. Even if you can’t see it from far away, it can a nice be surprise up close. Starting with something quite soft, I chose a warm faux-leather camel coat to pair with a brown knitted jumper and oversized knitted scarf. Also, I love big chunky scarves- maybe not as much as Lenny Kravitz- PLEASE google if you haven’t seen it. They can be quite dramatic and functional at the same time. Worst case, you can always take it off. 


These layers might seem like too much brown, but in autumn it just works. The ripped green trousers added that contrast to keep the outfit from looking too soft. I always try to keep things balanced, not just in colours. You can always tell if it’s a good outfit if it makes you feel great. I added my new CAT boots, which were a great addition and made the outfit feel a bit more rugged. They were great as they are versatile and pretty sturdy. This outfit was perfect for the day out. But what was more important, I felt great in it. 

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