This 80s inspired duster trench makes you feel like a true detective





With shows like Stranger Things (please watch if you haven’t) and clothing like leggings (Jeggings anyone?) the 80s are definitely making a comeback (again). Personally, I love some of the styling trends from then. The bright colours, the long, oversized coats and the creation of the word jazzercize - I mean what’s not to love.


In a nod to that bygone decade, I decided it was my time to dawn some 80s fashions of my own. But the question was what to wear?


I love big coats that can make you feel protected from the elements and be a fashion statement at the same time. Dusters are a less well-known trench, which can give a country-life-like feel to any outfit. Originally worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from the dust (ohhh DUSTer), the duster was a staple for country and city life alike. I found a duster coat that was in a great colour (bottle green) and really made it look like I was some crime fighting detective. The coat was thin enough to pair with a jumper or a light shirt, which was perfect for late autumn. The material is water resistant, so I was prepared for any sudden downpour without having to resort to a poncho. Walking the mean streets of London, I paired the coat with light blue jeans (again 80s style dad jeans) and a long sleeve shirt, which gave it a relaxed feel.


With dusters, you can pair them with a range of shoes, from trainers to boots to wellies, which can change the entire feel of the outfit. I opted for simple denim canvas shoes, so I could hop over to the heath or head to depths of East London and wouldn’t feel out of place. 

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